Fair & Equitable Infrastructure: Investing in Communities & Workers


This webinar will discuss why federal infrastructure investments matter and how these investments can advance equity and economic opportunity; lift up examples of infrastructure projects already underway that are improving communities and investing in workers who face barriers to employment; and share guiding principles for fair and equitable federal infrastructure investments.

Transportation Equity Caucus Letter of Elimination of DOT Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity

What does gentrification and displacement mean for Equitable Economic Development?


In many cities, there is much debate about defining and identifying gentrification. There is also a lively debate about the relationship between economic development activities, like new retail or corridor revitalization, and displacement of residents and local businesses. Many city leaders struggle with how to understand how gentrification and displacement impacts their residents, especially low-income residents and communities of color, and what tools to use to address negative impacts. During this webinar, we will engage in a dialogue about these issues with staff from PolicyLink, facilitated by Anita Cozart, Senior Director and featuring Kalima Rose, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Victor Rubin, Vice President of Research.


  • Anita Cozart, Senior Director PolicyLink

Guest Speakers:

  • Kalima Rose, Vice President Strategic Initiatives PolicyLink
  • Victor Rubin, Vice President of Research PolicyLink

Ensuring Equity-Centered Provisions in Upcoming Infrastructure Proposals: A Strategy Discussion Webinar


  • In this strategy discussion on crafting an infrastructure proposal that would serve as an opportunity to improve the social determinants of health and quality of life for underserved families and communities, experts explored the tools and policy mechanisms that can be used to address health and economic disparities and identified strategies to ensure equity is built into infrastructure legislation. (Scroll down and register for the webinar in order to access the archive.)

Transportation Matters: Closing the Chasm between Housing and Transportation to Foster Communities of Opportunity for All


"Transportation Matters: Closing the Chasm between Housing and Transportation to Foster Communities of Opportunity for All," by PolicyLink staff member Anita Cozart, appears in the American Bar Association’s Journal of Affordable Housing and Community Development Law, volume 25, issue no. 2, © 2017 American Bar Association. It examines the "chasm" that exists between the two sectors and what can be done to break down the barriers and create benefits and opportunities for all. Please note: This information or any portion thereof may not be copied or disseminated in any form or by any means or downloaded or stored in an electronic database or retrieval system without the express written consent of the American Bar Association.